Case Study : Who Is Your Community, And How Will You Get Them Interested?

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Glodie Motanga Dr. Hardesty SW408-001 01 October, 2015 Case Study 2 Who is your community, and how will you get them interested? My community will mostly be identify by low and middle class future and current students from all universities and colleges across North Carolina. The reason why I selected these people are, first, even though current students from low social class get pell grant, they still have to take loans from school to allow them afford for other school expenses. The same scenario also applies with middle class students. Then, the third people that will be included in my community will also be upper class student who had finished college because I figure out that they would not want to spend all of their money paying for loans with a high interest rate. Since I found out that most of my friends and other organizers are afraid of the decision that BOG is about to make, I will first get them interested. I will take a stand to discuss what is going on, and ask them to join me with any ideas that they may have to reach out to other students on and off campus that we know. In order to meet our goal, me and other members in Student Power Union need to work hand to hand. Who is your target in this scenario? What is your demand? My target is banks because they depend on the monthly payments made by students. As that being that, we do not only rebours banks money as the way we borrowed it, but we are charge for interest rates. We also know that our payments to banks

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