Case Study of a Flat Organization

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1. What would a flat, democratic company look like?
Ans. 1.
Referring to the case study presented we get clear picture of the flat democratic organization. The organization that is democratically flat in z governance; easily assessable ; open and free communication ;transparency in the organization ; no layered hierarchical positioning, direct interaction with clients and seniors executive; the employees would be categorized by their work are not by the hierarchical with titles that reflected their seniority.
Altogether the mindset is completely different from the conventional way of working style. Every employee is important and is encouraged to think
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The language used in the Leadership Charter was over the top and far from the reality for some of the employees the “analyst’ mocked and could not relate at with the quotes and openly mocked the core principles of the company. Bella Wilfer could not say a word to them as she being a part of the company could not try and make them realize or understand .
Even when she is suppose to book the conference room, favoristism is seem,the fake and pretentious behavior which he does not claim to have.
An employee involvement which would be beneficial for them as well as the organization for greater results.

5. How could external communication been done differently? * How transparent does an organization need to be? * When advising companies on implementing flat surfaces, how open is EBC obligated to be about its own experience?

Ans. 5.
An organization could be transparent but too much of transparency is also not good.there should be a balance in the implementation.It could lead to the issues that EBC faced in its journey.
Even in the direct interaction where one could reach out to the senior executive easily at times does not work effectively, it requires balance in it as well
There should be open communication sessions and discussions about the problems and collectively work , suggestion should be considered as it provides a feeling of
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