Case Study on 1uptoys

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Introduction: This literature review will endeavor through the use of the given case study and other scholastic articles will show the opportunities and challenges experienced by its founders and the strategies employed to introduce a new consumer product onto the market. This case study examines the start-up of 1uptoys. 1uptoys was a Dutch start-up that wanted to break into the electronic toy market. The company was founded by Roland Mannak in early 2006. Mannak had been a guest for dinner in his friends Patrick Grasso and family in december 2005. Having witnessed one of Grasso’s kids receive a gift which was a fairly simple “air-drums” Mannak releised he could a better product which would produce far more complex sounds. The case study looks at the challenges and barriers the company and its founders faced. The challenges range from getting funding and enticing investors to getting their product from prototype to a functional product ready for sale. In a market that is seasonal and very flippant, the founders go through a series of setbacks. Assad Strategic Management Defined: Strategic management is distinguished from day-to-day operational management by the complexity of influences on decisions, the organisation-wide implications and their long-term implications (lecture notes SMC) 1uptoys strategic position: The Environment When 1uptoys was founded in 2006 the environment in which the company was entering was split into two main categories. One was a traditional

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