Case Summary : Walt Disney And The Chinese Market In The Asian Market

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Case Summary
Walt Disney is a well known brand that spans across international markets. Disney saw the potential in Asian markets and sought out the opportunity. The movie The Lion King came out in 1996 and assisted Disney in its ventures to the new Asian market. The success of the movie took well in the Asian market and still upholds the reputation today. In the 1990’s over 2,000 theme parks opened in China. Many of these theme parks resulted in failure due to the high competition, poor projections and high costs. Taking about 10 years, Disney opened in Hong Kong in September 2005. Ticket sales were exceeding expectation actually becoming a problem during Chinese holidays, causing Disney to turn away customers. The location was drawing customers from China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Disney’s solution to the capacity and cultural variety was to expand their theme park, but the government held limitations and did not support the expansion. In response to this, Disney planned another theme park just 3 hours north of Hong Kong in Shanghai. Disney believed the new location would bring in a new customer base and help Disney’s profits. One of the main contributors to the success of the Shanghai project was the time it entered the market. Disney Shanghai began construction during the economic crisis of 2009 which created 50,000 new jobs for the Chinese economy.
Walt Disney sees advantages to having more than one resort in a region. They have found the Asian

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