Casse Underwater Chaos at English Channel

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Management & Organisation October 18, 2014 CASE 1: “Underwater Chaos at English Channel” It would be a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare – trapped subsea in the 31-mile Eurotunnel beneath the English Channel on the Eurostar train that travels between Britain and the European mainland. A series of breakdowns on five London-bound trains from Brussels which began December 18, 2009 left more than 2,000 passengers stranded for up to 16 hours. Many of those passengers trapped in the dark and overheated tunnel endured serious distress. “Parents had to remove their children’s clothes, leaving them in underwear and diapers. Some passengers suffered stress and panic attacks. Others started feeling ill due to the heat.” Was this just an…show more content…
In an emergency, passengers need to have prompt information and regular updates.” Although the severe weather conditions undoubtedly played a role in this fiasco, there’s no doubt that managers could have done a better job of making decisions in preparing for such scenarios. With refer to the Decision Making concepts and theories, answer all questions below elaborately! 1. What does the case story above illustrate about decision making? Explain. Answer : Bad decision making by managers and operators eurostar eurotunnel create chaos for thousands of passengers trapped in the Channel Tunnel and for tourists at the train station in london pancras train services suspended following the collapse of the railway tunnel 2.How could the decision-making processhave helped in both the response to the crisis situation and in preventing it from happening? Answer : Manager in making decisions must 4 aspec : [pic] The Company and the manager must know the correct capacity of the service to do. If circumstances beyond control (in this case environtment) occurs, then there must be a decision on non-routine transactions faced. In this case the bad weather which also damage the information and so on. So this certainly has a big risk considering this is a means of transportation that transports humans. If circumstances is beyond the standard management should establish an emergency decision that must be made for the safety of service

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