Catholicism is Christ’s Church

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Humans are rational beings that use their intellect to try an achieve some sort of sense of the world, in other words truth. Truth is something that can not be denied as false. Since all humans are not part of the same culture, humanity as a whole does not share the exact notion of what is considered to be true. Humanity tries to achieve or know the truth through various outlets or practices. These different belief systems are understood to have been formed from their specific culture. Obviously, humanity has many different cultures and with that comes many different forms of truth seeking. There is one religion that claims to have the fullness of truth. That religion is the faith of Catholicism which means the Universal Church. Through…show more content…
Non-Catholics through the inclusive perspective are seen to be on a pathway to Christ and his Church. Through the grace of God these other religions can lead to the fullness of truth or be obstacles in attaining it. Dominus Iesus did not say that Christ’s Church is the Catholic Church because other religions share some truths in accordance to the full truth that the Church proclaims to have. If the document were to say that Christ’s Church is the Catholic Church it would exclude other religions and deny truths that exist with the Church’s inclusivist views. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus means outside the church there is no salvation. It is possible for a person who does not belong to the Visible Catholic Church because “salvation in Christ is accessible by virtue of a grace, which, while having a mysterious relationship to the Church, does not make them formally part of the Church, but enlightens them in a way which is accommodated to their spiritual and material situation” (paragraph 20). The fact that anyone can be theoretically saved does mean it makes a difference whether we are called to a follower of Christ or not. “With the coming of the Saviour Jesus Christ, God has willed that the Church founded by him be the instrument of the salvation for all humanity” (paragrah 22). We can’t know for sure that a certain non-Christian is not saved because God is the only one the decides whether someone is worthy of eternal salvation Dominus Iesus says that
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