Causes Of The Great Schism

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Was the Great Schism a good thing?
The Greek and Roman empires were two different and unique places to live. Even though they had many differences, they also had many similarities with one another. One of the biggest similarities between these two great empires was they both practiced the religion of Christianity. People may not know but they practiced different types of Christianity in these two empires. The Romans would practice in Catholic churches while the Greeks would practice in the Orthodox church. The reason for these two churches to split up was because of an event called the Great Schism which caused Christianity to split into these two churches. Many people at the time might say that this was a good thing, others might say it’s a bad thing. The schism caused many different event to occur. According to the documents, assumption of power and rivalry over land was the causes of the schism, churches blaming each other and ill treatment were its effects. One of the events that lead to the schism was that one church had more power that the other. As it states in Document 1, “If he wishes to judge us and even rule us and our church, not by taking council with us but his own arbitrary” (Document 1). This quote is said by an Orthodox Archbishop named Nicomedia. In other words, Nicomedia s trying to say that the Roman Catholic church things it has more power than the Greek Orthodox church. Nicomedia complains that the Catholic church is trying to take over the Orthodox
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