Cause And Effect Essay About Bullying

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Bullying Bullying is a character that is always trying to pick a fight with someone. If it has to do with either the smart kids or the ones that are quite and minding their own business. The Bully hurts other people to get pleasure out of it or to make that other person feel weak or make them feel like they’re not good about themselves. Bullies do this kind of stuff to make them feel better about themselves but, they are still broken. To fix this situations towards bullying you have to go face to face with that person and fix the conflict. Bullying goes on every day in our society. Usually the kid that’s the bully is either having problems at school or at their home. At school they could be having problems on focusing in class or they feel like they’re not smart like the other kids. At home the kid could be have parent problems might have a mom and dad that are Drug, Acholic parents. Parents that are verbally abusive that beat on that child every day. Or the kid was just being born the way he was born and enjoys making others suffer to make him or herself feel good. They find some way to build up all that anger and frustration inside and take it out on others. So they can reflect that pain and that frustration on someone else so they know how it feels and how they feel inside. Watch your back look for the signs of bulling and fix the situation and problem that are going on. Signs from preschool to high school bullies from four years old to when they grow up to be twenty

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