Causes And Consequences Of Mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are significant groups of arthropods that inhabit aquatic habitats. They are probably adverse arthropods, which transmits wide range of pathogens that cause drastic deadly diseases such as human malaria, dengue, filariasis, viral encephalitis (Leopoldo 2008). Zika virus, another mosquitoe borne infection was first reported in Brazil by Pan American Health Organization in 2015. After the identification, the Zika virus has spread tremendously all around America. The illness begins with mild symptoms lasting up to a week after being bitten by vector mosquito. However, an infection during pregnancy may cause certain neurological anomalies like microcephaly and several other brain defects (Plourde & Bloch 2016).Thus control of mosquitoes becomes the need of the hour to prevent wide epidemic infections. However, it is difficult to control and prevent severe consequences created by mosquito species (Aneesh 2009).
Currently a total of 3549 recognized mosquito species belonging to subfamily Culicinae are reported all over the world (Harbach 2016). Out of this more than hundred species of mosquitoes are capable of disease transmission to humans and other …show more content…

Pupae don’t require food and be alive for 1-3 days before the adult form. Male adult mosquitoes primarily feed nectar from plants to get sugar while the female mosquitoes imbibe the blood meal to generate viable eggs (Leopoldo 2008). Female mosquitoes usually nourish every 3-5days. A. albopictus females are diurnal feeders; they not only give preference to attack large mammals but also imbibe blood meals from birds (Savage et al

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