Causes And Differences Of Medieval Society In Modern Society

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Modern society is inarguably different from medieval communities, quite frankly it would be terrifying if they were exactly the same. Contemporary culture, in general, is not wholeheartedly focused on the journey to salvation/ religious causes as was more common in medieval communities. Communication, technology and education have broadened the scope of human activity and opportunities. As far as declining religion and social hierarchy, it remains debatable whether it is a cause or effect of modern technology. Though because humans are creatures of habit and conservative as far as change, religious tradition and teachings remain embedded in many communities. Despite similarities based on tradition and inherited values, modern society differs in driving forces and religious prevalence due to a developed and educated environment.
One of the most obvious differences between the two time periods is the presence of a social hierarchy. Though it would be naive to say that modern society flourishes with equality and opportunity for all, equality is at least somewhat attempted by many societies. Medieval communities justified opportunity difference with what they called the feudal system. This dictated education and position in regard to other people. Most medieval people believed that God dictated a person position in society and that is where they were meant to stay, as opposed to the modern idea of moving up based on merit (or connections). As far as modern people, there is
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