Causes & Effects of Broken Relationship

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“Causes and Effects of Broken Relationship”
A relationship is normally viewed as a connection between two individuals, such as a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl. A typical relationship is built through a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring towards the person the relationship is concerned to. The conception of relationship encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial. Thus relationship in its various forms acts as a major facilitator.
For further proceeding to this analysis of impact of broken relationship we now need to clarify how different types of relations are built and what are the facts that lead those
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I got lots of information from internet, but little bit from magazine and journal regarding this topic. Few of my friends gave me lots of idea which were really helpful for me to write up a research paper on this topic. Limitation

To pull out the required information I had to do survey. I had faced some problems during preparing the research paper like- time constrains: this is quite obvious problem for every student to finish a research within a three and half month. So I have no other choice but to narrow it down.

Research Findings

To justify my thesis statement, I have prepared questionnaire, which included with ten questions. Among these questions first four questions were based on MCQ and rest of the open ended questions. Now I am clarifying each of the questions on the basis of my findings. 50% responses that he/ she will be good looking, wealthy and beautiful mind which is option (d), when he/she is going to choose his girlfriend/her boyfriend. But in reality it is not possible. 30% responses, that he/she will have beautiful mind. Below 10% suggest that wealthy and above 10% go with good looking are matters of choosing a boyfriend/girlfriend.

More than 35% think that mental disagreement is the main reason, which leads a fair relationship to an unfair end. 30% response inequality in social status directs them to breaks up. Nearly 15% suggest other reasons whereas 20% agree that sexual dissatisfaction are
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