Causes Of Crime Against Humanity

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A crime against humanity is a crime that causes human suffering or death on a very large scale. Genocide is an example of this. Genocide is the killing of large groups of people or ethnic groups. There have been many cases of genocide’s in the last hundreds of years and there are still some cases of genocide presently happening in our world. Some example’s of genocide or crimes against humanity within the past 100 years consist of the Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide’s, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

First off, starting in 1939 was the Holocaust. Millions of Jews were killed off by the Nazi’s, ran by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler had some bad experiences as a child and he blamed the Jewish peoples for most of those. This made him gain a great hate for Jews and thought that the world would be a better place with a master race made up of Aryan’s. But not only did he want a master race, he wanted a lot more land for his army and followers to live on. He did this by invading the Sudetenland, Poland to make East Prussia part of mainland Germany, and remilitarized the Rhineland. This caused many other countries anger, causing them the push back at Germany. This was the start of World War II. The reason I bring up all of this information is to show the reasons for which other countries, such as USA, Canada, Britain, Russia, France and many others responded to this situation in the ways that they did. These other countries didn’t like the mass genocide that Hitler was
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