Causes Of The Malayan Emergency

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The Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought in pre- and post- independence Federation of Malaya. The main antagonists were the Common Wealth Armed forces on one side and the Malayan National Liberation Army, and the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party on the other side. The Common Wealth Forces armed the communist party during their war with the Japanese Army in the Second World War. The Malayan Emergency was originally the colonial government’s term for the conflict. The rubber plantation and tin mining industries pushed for the use of the term “emergency” since their losses would not have been covered by the insurances if they had been termed a war.
During the Malayan Emergency, both the opposition and the Common Wealth Forces had mass casualties and deaths. In the Malaya Emergency, the Common Wealth Forces applied so many strategies to defeat their enemies unlike in other wars. Consequently, the applied principles and the strategies during the war had been plundered by the Western countries. At first, the Common Wealth Forces used the common ways of dealing the situations. They swept the large areas, captured and detained in large numbers and, then punished large groups of people. Despite, they could not achieve so much out of their first move. The outcome of their move led to increase in the insurgent recruitment by alienating many civilians. The Common Wealth Forces were downcast by the enemies’ subversion and the assassination of the Common Wealth

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