Causes of Plants Diseases

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(Jones, 1914) “It required the plague of the potato disease and the example of the Irish famine finally to focus attention upon the fundamental problem ‑ the relation of the mildew to the sick potato plant, of the smut and rust fungi to the infected grain ‑ the problem of parasitism." From 1846- 1850 Ireland population was dropped by 25% because of blighting potato had spread. That coasted Ireland in 1846, £3,500,000 because potatoes was one of the essential harvest’s income for the country, Truman, (2013). Thus, plants science has gotten more attention from scientists to struggle any sudden disasters on plants. However, organisms are divided to many kingdoms. All those affected each other’s either negatively or positively. When they affect negatively that cause many diseases. At this situation we called the causes of diseases pathogens. Plants get diseased if three components are existing, that are the host plants, pathogens, and the favorable environment. As a result, to keep the plants healthy we should control those components, (Engelbrecht, 2005). Pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and nematodes cause plants diseases.
Bacteria causes many serious damages in plants, but less than viruses. It is single-celled microorganisms. It lives with plants by to ways residents or transient. We cannot see it by naked ayes. We have to use microscopes to see bacteria, and we need population of bacteria to examine. Scientists have made many studies to reduce bacteria effects on

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