Unit 265 Causes And Spread Of Infection

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Unit 265
Causes and spread of infection.

Outcome 1 Understand the causes of infection
1. Identify the difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites?
The difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites is:
Bacteria is a single celled organism, bacteria have evolved to thrive in almost any environment and can be found in almost any substance/surface and also in the human body, only 1% of bacteria is actually harmful. It 's bad or infectious bacteria that cause illness as they rapidly reproduce and produce a toxin that kills or mutates cells, bacteria is also self sufficient.

Viruses A virus is a small capsule that contains DNA or RNA, viruses, unlike bacteria are not self sufficient and need a host in
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If not treated, then a systemic infection may result.
5. Identify poor practices that may lead to the spread of infection?
Not washing your hands, not wearing PPE, not storing or cooking foods properly, to cleaning your surroundings, not covering your nose or mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Outcome 2 Understand the transmission of infection.
1. Explain the conditions needed for the growth of micro-organisms?
Most micro-organisms need most of the things you and I need to flourish and grow - moisture, warmth and a source of nutrition - some (usually the most dangerous such as those responsible for some types of gangrene) can do without oxygen (anaerobic bacteria). They need a mode of spread (usually the unwashed or poorly washed hands of people or badly cleaned equipment/facilities or badly stored food) and a vulnerable person to invade.
2. Explain the ways an infective agent might enter the body?
Escape from the host or reservoir of infection (where the infectious agent normally lives and multiplies).
Transport to new host
Entry to new host
Escape from the new host
Person to person
Contaminated blood or other bodily fluids

Food water insects fomites

3. Identify common sources of infection?

Common sources of infection include food, water, sick people (colds and flu or winter vomiting virus), animals and poor housing

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