Cell Phone Effect on Society

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Joshua Davis Teacher Class Date Title How often do we see some people in society now a days on their phones? Whether this be to someone checking their Facebook or just messaging their friends to let them know where they are. How often could you witness to how they could cause accidents such as not paying attention when crossing the road, crime such as the increase in phones being stolen, or car accidents in the split second in which one is looking down at their phone rather than paying attention to what is on the road? If we were living in the time periods before the 90s, then we would be living in a generation in which no one would have come close to guessing that cell phones would be a vital source in living in these modern times.…show more content…
Since people do not have to use a computer anymore, or as much as they use to, the act of cyber bullying could be completed quicker than it has ever before. If one is categorized as being a “heavy cell phone user”, they are not only setting themselves up for being a potential cyber bully, but also a victim of it as well. Not only can cyber bullying be destructive, but the notion of “sexting” starts to destroy the reputations of many. Cell phones and e-mail have changed the way we communicate but have led to dangerous and destructive behavior. The mindset of many, which not only includes the teenage population, heeds to thought that sexting is perfectly harmless, when it is actually, in response, very harmful. When a photo or video is sent to another person, privacy is not only lost forever but remembered forever as well. The content can be broadcast to anyone through anything. The original sender has no control once he or she presses “send.” The consequences of sexting can be severe, ranging from embarrassment to imprisonment or worse. Explicit photos or videos forwarded from person to person can cause embarrassment for the original sender, but you would think that this epidemic would prevent future incidents, when in fact it encourages, indirectly, many more of this same instance to happen. Many people don’t realize that once they hit “send,” control of who else sees that compromising photo is now completely up to the recipients. One may
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