Cell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives

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In a society where we are surrounded by the convenience of modern technology, it can be a challenge not getting caught up in the convenience of things. If you think about the world twenty years ago, a cell phones only purpose was to make calls and getting in contact with people on the go a much simpler task. Now, it is basically a mini-computer with access to almost anything you could possibly want. But is that ease actually becoming a hindrance in our everyday lives? Despite the fact that the United States is one of the most prosperous and developed nations in the world, studies show that twenty-one percent of American adults cannot read anything above a fifth-grade level, and this rate of illiterate citizens is steadily increasing. Another study found that for every ten households in the United States, six will not even bother to buy one book in a year. What a lot of people don 't realize is that these low literacy rates are the source of so much more than social issues and mild concern over what our once seemingly perfect and indestructible nation is coming to.
The impact current literacy rates had on our economy was nearly astounding. Secretary Arne Duncan made a public announcement stating that a high quality education is absolutely critical to the reconstruction` of our economy. With that being said, government intervention began to take place and the federal budget for Fiscal Year 2013 was created. The education part of the budget included an extensive game plan for
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