Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed

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As students that are coming from the 21st century we have been introduced to a billion different ways of using technology. We have been able to innovate, and to change our lives with technology. Some technology has been taken to far and we are constantly on it. Cell phones for instance they can either be used or abused. In the classroom cell phones should not be allowed due to the fact people are distracted when using it during class. Cell phones distract people in a billion ways; social media, texting, pictures, calls. People can’t multi task, it is impossible. Scrolling through Instagram while the teacher is talking will not make a person learn better, and probably not at all. Everyone is addicted to his or her cell phone, it makes it hard for the brain to develop properly. As soon as a teacher says that a student can use the cell phone in class they take the inch given and go a mile texting, Instagramming, Snapchatting; its impossible to listen to what the teacher is saying when the focus isn’t on the teacher. Using a cell phone in class makes it that much easier to cheat on a test. How easy it is for someone to just pull out his or her phone and Google an answer while the teacher isn’t looking. Also a student may be able to take a picture of their test or work if they have their cell phone on them, and then able to send it to other students. I think if a student is caught cheating then the teacher should have the right to take away the phone. Many times a cell phone can

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