Celta Pre- Assessment Task

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1. Give an example of each of the following tenses (1 sentence each)

Present simple
The earth orbits the sun.
Present continuous
I am preparing my exam.
Past simple
Underground staff went on strike last Monday.
Past continuous
I was reading while he was watching television.
Present perfect simple
I have completed my dissertation successfully.
Present perfect continuous
I have been working at the school since 2008.
Present simple passive
Health and Safety rules are created by the Department of Health.

2. These sentences contain common errors. Correct them and say what rules are broken
I am liking that picture: I like that picture- this should be present simple.
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Lisa might have told John - Lisa might have told someone else


Think of two different learning experiences in your life, one successful and one unsuccessful. State the main reasons for the difference.

Successful experience: This teacher was well organised and lesson was planned well, she was very interactive and was always kept us on our toes and gave many opportunities to practice. There was a lot of repetition so we learnt the topic well, tasks kept changing so we didn't get bored and we were always provided with positive feedback. The teacher was always there to give extra support when we needed it.

Unsuccessful experience: Teacher was unable to make us connect with subject, very strict and unfriendly, unprepared, no opportunities for class discussion and poor

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