Cfla Career Goals

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Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America or FCCLA has been a part of my life for six years now. I started as a sixth grader and have been hooked ever since. When I decided to join I would have never imagined I would be the chapter president or running to be the Wisconsin FCCLA State President. I have developed an endless amount of skills that have transformed me into the young adult I am right now. In the beginning when I first joined FCCLA I did not have a sense of what I wanted to do. I was without the confidence and maturity I have today. I was timid and unsure of myself. Would I actually involve myself in this organization or would I sit in the back and not do anything? I decided to get involved with community service activities and compete in a STAR Event.
FCCLA has many opportunities to allow you to grow and take on responsibilities. We plan community service events which let us get out into the community and give back to people who support us all year round. Not only do I help with these events I donate to them as well. Another way to be a part of FCCLA is to put together and compete with a STAR Event. This means Students Taking Action with Recognition. The STAR Event I have been involved in for the past six years is Parliamentary Procedure. In this event we run a proper business meeting while using Robert’s Rules of Order with seven other people. This event has allowed me to bond with people on my team and expand my knowledge about Parliamentary Procedure. Qualifying for State Leadership Conference for the past five years has been an honor. One year I was
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Growth is optional.” I knew FCCLA would change me but I never thought about how much is would allow me to grow and transform into the young adult I am today. Being the State Vice President of Parliamentary Law would not guarantee my transformation from childhood to adulthood but taking on the responsibilities and challenges
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