Chairpersonal Communication Case Study

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This is the third demand for work that was exposed in the incident, and it arose from the AA chairperson. Facilitators during group meetings have the role of providing leadership during conflict situations (Kellerman, 2006). The chairperson intervened by taking charge of the situation by neutralizing the aggressor in a polite, and humble manner to ensure that he was not humiliated despite his negative comments. The reaction from members (external stimuli) was that of relief as the moderator had restored the group cohesion by treating all members equally and neutralizing the source of conflict. My personal thoughts at the time (internal stimuli), were that removing the aggressor from the meeting would have been the most effective way of handling …show more content…

Although she had the option of confronting the male member who interrupted the session, she instead opted to use constructive dialog, where she explained that each person had a right to their views, and they could present them during their turn to speak. The reaction from participants (external stimuli) was positive following the use of constructive dialog, since the moderator played her role as a neutral party without being confrontational. My views at the time (internal stimuli), were that the opinion of the male member should not be accommodated. Belief that alcoholism is not a disease defeats the very essence of joining an AA group. However, after careful reflection of the incident, I realized that different people use various defence mechanisms when faced with challenges in life. In the current case, the male participant could have been using denial and projection, where he denied he was struggling with alcoholism, and projected negative feelings on the issue to other AA members who he perceived as weak (Psychology Website, …show more content…

The first alternative response would have been to eject the male participant from the group meeting. This action would have immediately ended the conflict situation, and restored group cohesion among participants. I would have stated, ‘Since you clearly have divergent views from goals of the AA program, I think it will be in the best interest that you leave the program and seek alternative solutions for dealing with

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