Challenges And Opportunities For The Government Digital Service

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Every invention is faced by challenges and opportunities, which need to be taken into consideration. Innovation doesn’t only look at having an idea but solving a solution to a problem and adapting ideas, which have already existed. “Innovation is the specific tool for entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or service”. (Joe Tidd, 1997) This essay will deliver an outline on the challenges and opportunities for the government digital service, in order to give a more reflective view, the essay will be fragmented into smaller segments, considering these questions in the case study that has been presented which can provide an easier way of understanding what opportunities and…show more content…
Additional challenges in which the government digital services are facing is they are trying to make services digital only, however, not everyone has access to a digital devices such as smartphones, laptops or tablets to access digital services, therefore excluding the general public. By excluding the general public, the government digital service face the challenges of innovating the new service as it is not able to understand their needs fully, therefore cannot come with better ways of bridging the gap between the government and the citizens who are excluded from it. Furthermore, another challenge in which is facing the government digital service is shifting the website onto a more mobile platform such as smartphones due to the fragile nature of the data being handled on an app, there is an issue of data being stored and handled securely. This affects the aim of the GDS, as it wants to provide the services in an easier and faster method. It can be disputed with the rise of smartphones, it would be the most effected if it didn’t have an issue of trust. This would be an innovative challenge, as you cannot exploit the gap in the market for mobile devices. Opportunities regarding the government digital service can be examined through services such as open data, as it allows a combination of different sources to be accessible to the government. Instead of duplication of the data, it will enable the data to be utilized in a more effective manner. It can
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