The Impact of Emerging Technology on the Public Sector Essay

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The Impact of Emerging Technology on the Public Sector

The impact of information technology has been tremendous within the public sector. Over the years, the growth and development of technology has caused the public sector to change. One of the most significant changes in technology has been the evolution of the information systems and how their development has reshaped the way the world uses technology. “It has been just over fifty years since the worlds first programmable computer became operational. It cost millions of dollars to build and processed an unprecedented 5,000 instructions per second. By 1971, Intel was able to pack 25 times that power into a single, two hundred-dollar chip. Today’s personal computers process
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Electronic mail is utilized by various local, state and federal entities. E-mail provides a high level of convenience and accuracy in communication. "Over 40 million workers correspond via e-mail and that number is increasing 20% per year".[ii] Electronic mail (e-mail) is a form of correspondence that has become a popular form of communication in the public sector. Given its ease of use and convenience, e-mail is becoming the correspondence of choice through local, state and federal governments. E-mail is used to coordinate various levels of government, communicate information rapidly and disseminate information to a wide variety of persons in the quickest manner possible. E-mail also delivers cost benefits when compared to the cost of postal services.


In today's public sector environment virtually all federal, state and local government use computers. Computerization has streamlined repetitive processes, promoting a more cost effective and efficient use of information technology. " Studies suggest that managers look to information technology to streamline work processes, enable easier access and retrieval of information, provide better products and services, save money by avoiding workforce expansion, speed up transactions and provide better data security."[iii]

Electronic Services

In previous years, accessing
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