Challenges Faced By Pakistan As An Impoverished Nation And Its Development

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Issues of unstable governance are directly related to the difficulties confronted by developing nations (BU 2014). The government plays a crucial role in uplifting a country and its development. It can achieve this by managing the country and its problems in a decently proficient manner, taking the right decisions at the right time, imposing rules and regulations and by setting up viable strategies to fight the obstacles coming in its way of advancement. Most of the developing countries tend to face similar problems and require serious government reforms in order to defeat them. Surprisingly, Pakistan is among one of those countries that are tormented by issues such as poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, civil war and overpopulation. This paper will shed light on some of the challenges faced by Pakistan as an impoverished nation and also provide some suggestions on how these issues can be tackled.
Pakistan is an Islamic state located in South Asia that covers an area of 796,095 square kilometers. It shares border with India, Afghanistan, Iran and China and a marine border with Oman. It came into existence as an independent nation in 1947 and since then, it has been encompassed by incalculable issues including underdeveloped infrastructure, infertile and old production lines, international interference, instable government and corruption underscoring every deliberation towards progress (Africaw 2014). Moreover, regardless of being rich in natural resources, it struggles to be…
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