Challenges For The Accultured Students

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Challenges for the Accultured Students Education is a universal principle, no matter an individuals lifestyle they have had a fair amount of learning in their time. Education is also a cultural process in that it reflects the culture of the area and imitates society. Therefore educators are in charge of enculturation (spreading culture) and the public school system in America is inherently biased towards the majority white middle class, just as society is. That could explain why the middle and upper class white students (encultured) outperform, and have lower dropout rates than lower class or minority students (accultured). It is an alarming trend within the American Education system because the rich are staying rich and the poor are staying poor. The accultured students are not striving for success in schools and in turn they have fewer opportunities in life. At times home life is to blame for underachieving students. In the case of the accultured, there may be a negative view toward schooling, and work that makes money may be favored. If an individual’s parents were not educated they could feel that education is less important. Yet some would argue that the school systems are not doing enough to show the importance of the curriculum and motivate these students. There is an enormous amount of misunderstanding between teachers and the accultured students. Teachers may see them as delinquents who do not live up to their potential or repeatedly slack off, but without

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