Challenges Of Being A Leader . Being A Leader Can Come

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Challenges of Being a Leader Being a leader can come with significant challenges. In a leadership position, there will always be challenges that will test your abilities and get you to rise to another level. The way a leader deals with the challenges of the position can ultimately be beneficial. Challenges of leadership can be sorted into three separate categories: external challenges, internal challenges, and challenges that arise from the nature of leadership itself. What is a Leader? What is a leader? It seems like such a simple question. First I can tell you what a leader is not. A leader is not someone with seniority, it has nothing to do with titles, it has nothing to do with personal attributes, and being a leader is not being a…show more content…
It is good for a leader to be hardworking and proactive towards finding new ways of tackling difficult situations. As a follower, you want to see the leader actively exercising control over whatever the situation may be. If you did not see this as a follower, it may make you feel a little uneasy (Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership). Being innovative is another skill a leader should have. Try thinking outside the box. A leader should try approaching issues in effective ways which work toward achieving the set goals of the company (Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership). A leader should practice good conflict resolution and should face conflict head on. As a leader one should identify and acknowledge the conflict, and work to resolve it. Look for opportunities to collaborate (Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership). Looking for opportunities to collaborate with others is another way to cope with external challenges. This is important both within and outside your group or organization. Within the group, involve people in decision making, and make sure they have control over what they do. Workers that feel they have control over what they do and have input on decisions within the company seem to be more satisfied with their jobs. Outside the organization, work with other groups and organizations to get and give support (Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership). Internal Challenges. One of the greatest

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