Challenges Of Helidony Hotel

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Also, “Helidony” hotel faces the management challenge due to the fact that it is a new property and in order to succeed it has to be managed properly. However, hiring an inexperienced person to run the hotel or department is a huge risk, while finding a proper person is a huge challenge. Having a good reputation and raising customer satisfaction takes time and inept employees working on the property and communicating with the guests may lead to unwanted consequences (Sommerville, 2007). As the hotel, in the beginning, will have a limited customer base future expansion of it, is the hotel goal the same as attempts to retain the customers and increase their loyalty. But having unreliable employees who are influencing the customer experience may…show more content…
However, if the travellers do not satisfied with the authenticity of a design or service provided to them it may lead to bad reviews and decrease in loyalty and raise legal problems due to the fact that Helidony positioned itself as an authentic to those countries property. Thus, to avoid such issues, proper research should be made on the topic of culture and tradition of the countries, the same as hiring a professional that can develop a right design. However, if the guests won’t be satisfied with any of the hotel feature, through the survey that going to be provided during the checkout session can be discovered what should be changed and how are they satisfied with the stay. Paying attention to customer feedbacks will only be a benefit for the property. (Uysal, Williams, 2013)
Another challenge for the “Helidony” hotel is establishing contacts with suppliers. International hotel chains have an advantage over the new hotels because they know the market and have contacts with the best suppliers in the city, also due to a long cooperation with them chains can receive some benefits such as sales and discounts on some products or services (Brotherton, 2012). Meanwhile for the “Helidony” hotel finding the right supplier and getting the best deal is a challenging task that takes time and long contract negotiations that should be made in order to get the best from the
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