Change Management Project Management Is The Application Of Knowledge, Skills, Tools And Techniques

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Change Management Project Management
Change management is the application of processes and tools to manage the people side of change from a current state to a new future state such that the desired results of the change (and expected return on investment) are achieved.
* From Prosci® Definition:
Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.
* From PMBOK® Guide
To ensure that the solution is embraced, adopted and used by employees impacted by the change Intent:
To ensure that the solution is designed, developed and delivered effectively
Employees impacted by a project or initiative (those who must adopt and use the change) …show more content…

• Project managers: manage the tasks, activities and resources to execute the technical side of the effort
• Project team: comprised of subject matter experts and representatives from the organization

Table 1

The organization indicated that their ultimate goal of change management effort was to ensure achievement of business goals by improving individual and organizational performance.

According to P. Steyn and E. Schmikl (2016) one of the attributes common to successful organizations is to promote learning and growth. This is applied to individual growth that has a direct impact on organizational performance. P10
Transformational leadership emphasises symbolic leader behaviour that transforms team members to pursue organizational goals over

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