Changes On The Environment Essay

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Changes on Environment Nowadays environmental problems are too immense to be solved by the society. Presently the environment is so contaminated that crucial actions should be taken. Changes on the environment has embellished cultures and economies on the matters, commerce with environmental destruction and the availability of the previously inadequate resources. Meanwhile, many upsetting ways have developed, influencing the sustainability of the environment. It is commonly known that people are experiencing changes of the environment, that have been much indication that human activities are undesirably affecting the natural resource of the environment. While I chose this topic, it because I was impacted most in knowing more of the environment, securing of our environment and knowing how to nurture ourselves. Environment is the only home that living creatures have, and it provides all our needs. However, it is necessary for an individual to show respect to the environment. Basically, on natural resources for the sustainability of the future generation. For example, in the short film “Ancient and Model world,” it shows how the Gamo people believe that you can get more use out of using the land and its resources rather than by using scientific facts and engineered materials to get work done like what we do here in America. However, I think the modern world has destroyed several trees and wild life in the process of adding roads and buildings but forgot to know that the future

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