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Consumer behaviours have changed over the years; this is shown by consumers today purchasing a more healthy variety of products, as information today is known about products that was not known many years ago. Factors such as these, change the way we perceive and value products, as we now are more knowledgeable as well as manufacturers having by law to print the ingredients and content of the products ingredients on the back of most food products, allowing consumers to become more educated. The typical consumer today watches what they eat; they are more aware and exposed to factors that have brought about change in consumer behaviours.

Factors such as personal, psychological and social factors have a huge impact on
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And also in some cases going to the extreme in stating that parents are slowly killing their children with feeding them specific foods. This is a huge factor that has brought about changes in the way consumers purchase and behaviour. Other factors are current events, such as when the 9/11 incident occurred; a lot of patriotic Americans bought and consumed American made products to help the American economy grow. The American government also put out campaigns to promote American produced and made products to the public to change the views of consumer purchases. Just another example of factors that support change in consumer behaviours.

Governments and consumer groups control or filter what information is known about certain products. The Australian consumers association or ACA produces a magazine that informs consumers about their rights and about the value and safety of products. The government on the other hand works in conjunction with the health department to reveal the real truths about products, such as the smoking campaign, that informs us of what really is in a cigarette and how much damage it is doing to your body. These groups play a vital role in educating the consumers about certain truths that need to be made aware to the consumers of today’s health concise age.


3.1 Typical Consumers of Today

Barbara is a typical consumer of today. She
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