Essay on Changing Diet from Fast Food to Vegan

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Would the American diet be easy to change, no it would not but there are good reasons to try. If the American diet was changed to a vegan one then it would help lower obesity, lower diabetes, and lower high blood pressure. Changing the American diet from fast food and high protein meats to a vegan diet would decrease child obesity by 10%, lower diabetes by 2%, and lower high blood pressure by 1%. Diabetes is a disease that means the pancreas cannot produce insulin for the body. Insulin is used to moderate the amount of glucose in the blood. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, most Americans have type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can also be diagnosed later in life if the diet of a person is not healthy. Vegans have a lower …show more content…

With the body type of a person being more of a factor than the amount of fat and weight then the vegan diet would only have a small effect on high blood pressure. With the American population not eating meat then the amount of livestock would plummet and farmers would be left jobless. There are many americans that have raising livestock as their jobs. 2%, 21 million, Americans would be left jobless. With all of the farmers leaving their homes and going to find jobs in the city then the unemployment rate would increase substantially. The vegan diet would help the health of the country but it would not help the unemployment rate. Changing the United States to a vegan country would be hard to even complete but if it were to happen then the amount of Americans without jobs would be at a high. With the amount of fast food in America would think the the obesity rate is high and it is. Children 2-5 years old 12.1% are obese, 6-11 18% are obese, 12-19 18.4% are obese, and over 20 35.9% are obese. As you can see there are many Americans that are obese and it is because of their diet. 98.6% of Americans being non vegan the amount of meat being consumed is crazy, but if we changed to veganism then the obesity rate would decrease substantially. The vegan diet is low on all of the molecules that lead to obesity. With the healthier diet and less meat than the amount of carbs and cholesterol would lower and lead to weight loss, but eating a healthy

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