Changing Temperature Design Practical On Body Temperature

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High Knees Practical
Changing Temperature Design Practical

To determine whether physical activity has an effect on body temperature.

Physical activity will increase body temperature. Equipment:
• Thermometer
• Timer (stopwatch) Variables
Independent Variable:
• Temperature
• High Knees Dependent Variable -
• Temperature
• High Knees

Constant Variable -
• Amount of time (exercise and break) Method:
1. Thermometer was cleaned with methanol
2. Temperature was measured
3. As soon as high knees commenced, timer started
4. Timer stopped after 30 seconds
5. Rested for 2 minutes
6. Steps 2 to 5 were repeated 2 times. Results: Amount of high knees Temperature °C (after each round)
Before experiment - 33.7
Round 1 87 34.7
Round 2 75 35.5
Round 3 62 35.9

(Faye completed the exercise)

The amount of high knees gradually decreased after each round and the temperature increased aftr each round.

Data analysis
The results shown above support the hypothesis. The temperature behind the knee was measured, before the actual experiment commenced. The thermometer read 33.7 °C. A session of exercise was undertaken, in this case high knees. Each session was 30 seconds long. As each block of exercise was completed, the results displayed a gradual decrease in the amount of high knees completed. Therefore, this meant that the body was overcoming muscle fatigue and was

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