Experiment on the Differences in Recovery Heart Rates in Athletes and Non-Athletes

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Internal Assessment
The relationship between recovery heart rate between athletes and non-athletes

Lab Design:

Research Question: What is the effect of practicing aerobic sports on a daily basis, on the recovery heart rate of people?

Hypothesis: If a person practices an aerobic sport on a daily basis (athlete), then he will have a higher recovery rate due to the fact that their hearts are more accustomed to intense physical exercises than someone who does not (non-athlete).

Background info:

Heart Rate Recovery
• The rate at which your heart returns to a normal resting rate after physical activity is known as the recovery rate.
• The rate is usually a reliable indicator of your cardiovascular fitness.
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o Complete recovery of the heart rate may take an hour after light activity, several hours after long-duration aerobic exercise, and perhaps 24 hours after intense exercise. One easy way to measure HRR is to measure the change in heart rate during the first minute after submaximal exercise: a drop in heart rate of 15-20 beats per minute might be typical and a value less than 12 would be unfavorable. o We’ve known in medical circles for nearly 20 years that HRR is a useful index of cardiovascular fitness. The whole area of HRR and its clinical implications is a subject of current investigation, but it is well established that HRR is a strong predictor of both cardiovascular-related and all-cause mortality in healthy adults.


• Independent: o I will have two groups both containing 5 people, in total 10 people all are males, one group contains people who practice an aerobic exercise on a daily-basis (soccer and basketball), while the other group contains people who do not practice an

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