Chapter 10 Of The Book Is About Cultural Geography

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Geography 100 Reading Summary
Chapter 10 of the book is about Cultural Geography. This chapter of the books starts the discussion by trying to define what the “culture” is. Culture is a “total way of life shared by a group of people.” This culture is not necessarily fixed in time or place. However, culture does have a significant correlation with place. For example, Mexican food is called that way since it is originated from Mexico. It is called the “territorialization of culture.” A culture can be “reterritorialized”, which means it can be relocated from its origin to other places, and “deterritorialized”. These kinds of cultures are being more globalized and reterritorialized since long-distance and international migrations of population. This recent trend of long-distance migration affects both origin, and destination country. Origin countries may lose some talented and educated people but will earn remittances. Destination country may get more talented people, but will have tension in job market. For these reasons, countries try to regulate immigrations. Even with each countries’ effort to control the immigration, this trend is growing faster and faster as years pass.
Then, what are some aspects of culture? The foremost and the most distinctive part is language. Cultures that share same language have higher percentage of sharing other aspects of cultures, such as food and customs, because it is more possible for them to interact with one another. Other than language,…

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