Chapter 7 Review Questions

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Chapter 7 Review Questions 1. What is a knowledge management system? a. A Knowledge management system attempt to help organizations achieve their goals. They usually help in means of increasing profits or reducing costs. 2. What is a chief knowledge officer? What are his or her duties? b. A chief knowledge officer is a top level executive who helps the organization work with a knowledge management system to create, store, and use knowledge to achieve organizational goals. The duties that the CKO is responsible for are to work with other executives and vice presidents, including the chief executive officer, chief financial offer and others. 3. What is natural language processing? What are the three levels of…show more content…
6. Describe several business uses of multimedia. f. Multimedia can be used to create brochures, presentations, reports, and documents. Businesses use text and graphics to develop reports, financial statements, advertising pieces, and other documents used internally and externally. Businesses use audio, which includes music, human voices, recorded sounds, and a variety of computer generated sounds. Businesses use video and animation to create moving images of video and animation by rapidly displaying one still image after another. 7. Expert systems can be built based on rules or cases. What is the difference between the two? g. An expert system uses rules, which is a conditional statement that links conditions to actions or outcomes. These rules are stored as IF-THEN statements, which are rules that suggest certain conclusions. An expert system uses cases in developing a solution to a current problem or situation. 8. What is informatics? Give thee example. h. Informatics combines traditional disciplines, such as science and medicine, with computer systems and
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