Character Analysis Of Zooey's Franny And Zooey

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In the chapter Zooey, in the book Franny and Zooey, Zooey seems to re-read a letter he received from his older brother buddy 4 years prior. Zooey probably keeps re-reading because it contains information pertaining to questions Zooey has had for a long time and things he might not understand yet. The letter also contains information about Seymour which is the glasses oldest brother that committed suicide. This letter also comes into play throughout the book and at the end of the book when Zooey is talking to Franny over the phone trying to give her some clarity and help her in her life and mental breakdown and things she's dealing with at the time. In the letter Buddy also seems to want to give Zooey advise in regards to his future in…show more content…
While Franny is on the phone with who she thinks is buddy which is really Zooey, Zooey tries to help her and give her advice over her life decisions like her leaving acting etc. Throughout their conversation Franny says that she doesn’t want to talk to anyone she only wants to talk to Seymour and since Seymour is gone Zooey decides to bring up something that has to with Seymour So Zooey bring up the Fat Lady and then he proceeds to tell Franny the time when Zooey didn’t want to shine his shoes but then Seymour convinces him to “shine then for the Fat Lady” (199) that’s always in the audience, watching so “ i always shined my shoes for The Fat Lady every time” (199). Zooey bring this up in end to help Franny somehow feel close to Seymour and at that time she reached clarity involving christ and everything she's dealing with which brings her out of her crisis. Overall throughout the book the most important benefits of the letter and the Fat Lady was that the letter helped Zooey understand why Buddy and Seymour brought up Franny and Zooey the way that they did. The letter also brought up things about Seymour that Zooey didn't know abou like the poem Buddy found where Seymore committed suicide. The Fat Lady Probably helped Franny and Zooey the most since The Fat Lady was the initial reason Franny came out of her crisis and the end of the book. Since Zooey Brought The Fat Lady up during his and Franny's conversation to attempt to
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