Characteristics Of A Hotel

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Nowadays, hospitality is required in the business fields in general such as; hotels. As we know, in the modern life, there are many of international brands and competition between hotels. However, there are some qualities we have to consider before choosing a hotel as a guest or as a job offer to work in it. (Tan, 2008) Firstly, in an ideal world every industry or even every successful person should have a vision and a mission of his or her work. So, the vision is what a person wants to achieve in a real life, the mission means what is the purpose of the business to make money or even to make charity. Following this further, a new business should put a strong vision to motivate the staff to work seriously and to reach the main goal of the industry. …show more content…

(Hearn, 2002). Since the beginning of a business, the manager should focus on the mission statement of the industry, and how to apply the mission of the industry in a real life. Moreover, every company should make an appraisal forms every year or even every month to make sure that the company is running towards its mission statement by evaluating the performance of all the departments in the company and to support the weaknesses. (Beek, 2007) This report highlights on Westin Doha Hotel and Spa, the vision and mission of this hotel are based on the scope of hotels in Doha. The vision of Westin hotel is to be the most well- known hotel in Doha and to gain the publicity in a hospitality field in Qatar by making huge events which are interested in charity such as; making open days for elderly and children with cancer. Also, the mission of Westin hotel is to gain money and to overcome all the difficulties that Qatar is facing after blocking. Some strategies are followed by Westin hotel to distinguish itself in the market place in Qatar and to achieve Westin’s mission by making promotion, discounts and using hospitality dimensions in a good

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