Characteristics Of Adaptive Leadership

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The first leadership theory/model is Adaptive Leadership. Adaptive Leadership is follower centered and is focused on how leaders help others to adapt to challenges they face. “Adaptive leaders engage in activities that mobilize, motivate, organize, orient, and focus the attention of others” (Northouse, 2016, p. 257). “Adaptive leadership incorporates ideas from four different viewpoints: the systems, biological, service orientation, and psychotherapy perspectives” (Northouse, 2016, p. 259). There are six leadership behaviors that play a role in Adaptive Leadership. Those six behaviors are Get on the Balcony, Identify the Adaptive Challenge, Regulate Distress, Maintain Disciplined Attention, Give the Work Back to People, and Protect …show more content…

The book goes on to explain different parts of the model and giving leaders who are servant leaders. My favorite would be the school that is for kids that are in trouble with the law or pregnant or already have children. Mercedes Urbanez is creating value for the community and showing children that they are not alone and left out to defend for themselves in the world. The strengths and weakness are listed below but the strength of not a preferred kind of leadership stood out in the that section of the chapter. When followers are not open to being guided, supported, and empowered the theory will fail (Northouse, 2016, p. 239).
Situational Approach has four levels. Those levels let the leader evaluate who needs help and if you can let a follower be more than just a follower. Level S1 is the directing which means they needs more direction and less support. In this level it is usually a new comer or someone who is just slacking in their position. Then you have S2 is the coaching which means that they need high support and high directive. The next is S3 which is supporting. This is pretty much what it says you are supporting the follower and not having to direct them. It lets the follower do the day-to-day activities. The final is S4 which is delegating. You can delegate to the follower and let them have more self confidence in what they can do.
The strengths of Adaptive Leadership are takes a process approach to the study of

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