Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur From The Sbo

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Differentiating the Entrepreneur from the SBO Differentiating a SBO (small business owner) and an entrepreneur can be difficult as most people would instinctively view them as one in the same. There are similarities between them as they both require a lot of significant hard work and dedication in the initial stages; however they are two different creatures when it comes to the operational goals and overall outcomes of their businesses. Throughout this paper we will be reviewing between characteristics of an entrepreneur and how we can differentiate between them and SBO 's, and include arguments as to how these traits can or cannot be used to identify the differences. After the initial characteristics are discussed we will then go on to identify the relationship that both an entrepreneur and a small business owner have with their companies, and identify some key advantages and disadvantages for both. Discussion will carry on to identify the differences between a growth business and a lifestyle business, and whether or not an entrepreneur or SBO would be in any of these business ventures and why. Finally, at the end of the paper we will summarise the key characteristics and reasons that a differentiation between SBO’s and entrepreneurs can be made. An entrepreneur is viewed to be an individual that possesses a unique set of characteristics and abilities which embody qualities such as; freedom of spirit, creativity, vision, innovation and zeal according to Burns, P.

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