Characteristics Of George Washington

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George Washington was the first President of the United States and was the only one in history to ever be elected unanimously. Although he went in without notion of how the presidency was going to work in the new republic, he still served two terms without any opposition. This goes to show how truly intelligent and successful George Washington was as President. His personality, policies, and ideas greatly inspired the prosperity and evolution of the government, foreign policy, economic policy in America even for future generations, making him the greatest President in the history of this country. George Washington’s philosophy was an ideal factor in making the people of America fall in love with him. For example, colonists liked that …show more content…

This could have led to many more riots in the country and one majority faction overtaking the American government because he was so admired as others might have copied him. Additionally, the people of the United States knew that Washington was loyal to the country because he had been an honorable general in the Revolutionary War. This personality trait again made Washington trustworthy and people believe that he was a great president. He had the same interests and revolutionary values as the rest of the country because he also fought for freedom from an oppressive ruler. He made tried to make sure no soldiers were cheated by supporting the idea of “funding at par” or repaying bonds given to soldiers at face value. Even though this act didn’t successfully pay back the soldiers due to the selling of the bonds, Washington ha at least tried to help the troops. The large personality differences from both leaders also led many colonists to fall in love with Washington just because they had never experienced such a form of government and leadership.Being the first leader of the nation after such an inconsiderate,

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