Characteristics Of Modern Bureaucracy

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Weber talks about modern bureaucracy in both the private and public sector as having specific principles that they need to have. Weber said “ First, it is based on the general principle of precisely defined and organized across the board competencies of the various offices. These competencies are underpinned by rules, laws, or administrative regulations.”. Essentially Weber was saying that in order for a modern bureaucracy to exist in either the private or the public sector there has to be a rigidly defined division of labor of a particular bureaucratic system that clearly states or identifies the tasks and duties to be performed, it has to have an established chain of command that has the capacity to coerce others to comply by rules and regulations, people with certain qualifications and certifications are hired which helps to execute the assigned duties assigned to them in a timely and efficient manner. An ideal Weberian model has several characteristics that can be noted in the past and can be see in today’s beaurocratic systems, particularly in larger scale systems. The roles in these ideal systems are very specialized and career oriented with a systemic salary structure. The recruitment for these roles are very competitive and is based solely on merit, there are uniform principles of placement, promotion, and transfer in an administrative system within a hierarchy that holds the people within it accountable. The authority within these systems are impersonal, the rules

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