Characteristics Of Web Based Learning

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This week’s reading discussed a variety of topics such as web based learning, identified and explored web based learning activities and how to be faithful servants of God. In chapter eight of our text book we looked at characteristics of four online module, how to select tools and strategies to build an online course, and procedures for developing an effective online course. The first article discussed web 2.0 technology specifically Wikki’s and how they are being used in the classroom. The second article looked at the difference in information-searching environments and how it affects the learning the environment. All the resources for this week are crucial ways to improve learning and retention especially for the slower learners.
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The second article was published in the British Journal of Educational Technology and discussed the effects of using selected network resources in web based problem solving. This research targeted a senior high school computer class and attempted to compare the effects of using selected and open network resources on students’ intentions about their information system usage by means of technology acceptance model (TAM) questionnaires and learning effectiveness by analysis of covariance of tests in web-based problem-solving activities (Hsu, 2013). The activities used in this research project allowed students to learn from the total process of problem solving. All of these activities were student centered and not teacher centered. The subjects of this research project were measured on the basis of pre and post- test design in which each test was composed of fifteen multiple choice question(Hsu, 2012)s . The control group was the open source group and the experimental group was the selected resource group. At the end of the research project each student completed a questionnaire(Hsu, 2012).The results of this research project show that the lower and mid-ability students greatly benefited from this selected resource learning process and the advanced learners benefited more from the open network resources. This research also showed that digital library’s and digital learning centers that contain updated and correct data bases for learners were
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