What Makes A Leader?

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As John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” When people think of a leader they might think of the president of the United States or, for sports, a quarterback. Everyone knows that a leader has to know how to lead people to the goal, whether its being a successful businessman or winning the super bowl. However, people have different opinions on what qualities a leader has to have. Some people say a leader needs to be determined; others say leaders need to be honest. There are many people that are leaders in history and in our own lives. Leaders are not always a good person, there are also bad leaders. There are things that a leader can do that can …show more content…

They are both leaders but, they have different goals Obama’s goal is to help America be a successful country; Brady’s goal is to win the Super Bowl. Even though they have different goals they have the some similar traits such as, responsibility and trustworthy. There are also people that criticize you when you become a leader. Although people have different opinions on what a leader qualities a leader needs to have, they are all right. I interviewed a few people and asked, “What qualities do you think a leader should have?” One person said a leader needs to be ambitious and determined. The leader must want to make their company or team successful and be willing to do many things to succeed. Another person said a leader needs to be honest and have integrity. A leader can not lie about what they did because it might have a negative affect on the organization. I also quoted one of the people I interviewed, “A leader must be able to do what he is ordering other people to do.” A leader must be able to do what they guide other people because it helps with the experience. Lou Tzu once said, “To lead the people walk behind them.” Leaders must not only do what they think is right but also take advice from their own workers. They can also learn from how their workers work the best by helping out around the company with the workers. All of these qualities can be part of being of a leader. A leader also needs to be a

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