Chase Scene In Slum Dog Millionaire

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In the appealing and fetching chase through the slums of Juhu, the filmmaker theatres visual-spatial complexity of the slums while familiarizing the spectator to the characters. This can be visually depicted in the scene from the movie when Jamal drops a catch as the aircraft leaps up from behind and two safekeeping guards in the motorbike with a stick in their hand, yelling “private ka-land” “Chalo bhago yaha se” chase the boys and the chase endures the airfield. The boys run as fast as they could making fun of the security guards giving them thumbs down and yelling “the dogs are coming”. The boys jump off the garbage dump along the sewer lines that demarcate the slum. Moreover, the boys past rotten pool and tin roofs along thin lanes that …show more content…

But unlike Slum Dog Millionaire, this movie does not portray intense congestion of the slum throughout the movie which in the Oscar winning was signified through the chase scene. In Slum Dog Millionaire, Boyle provides the Westerners with a sigh of reality of India which is close to the third world poverty. According to me, the film uses overdramatic and overemotional styles to upsurge mindfulness of scarcity on children in India. Moreover, Jamal and Salim throughout the movie represent poverty that is signified clearly from their clothes, the area that they live in, the way they talk and the way they are treated in the movie. Classism is evidently visualized in Slum Dog Millionaire which in the result of poverty in a worldwide economy. In the movie, Jamal instead of his name, is continuously is called as a “chai wallah” in various scenes of the movie. Which clearly indicates that he is referred to as someone who belongs to a low-class family and not from an elite class. When Jamal is inspected and examined by the police officer in the movie, he asserts that “Because I’m a slumdog chai wallah, I’m a cheat, right?” To this question, the police officer answers that, “Most of you are” (Slumdog Millionaire 2008). This class status was the core reason he was bashed with adverse and negative comments when he got a …show more content…

Every character in the film is a mere representation of poor life. Krishna constantly informs the viewers that he needs to earn Rs. 500 in order to return back home and repay his mother. Krishna’s friend steals money which ultimately shows how scarcity is prevailed in slums and Chillum is working as a drug seller to earn money. Sola Saal is forced to sell her virginity and another prostitute (mother of Manju) is in love with a drug pusher. The lives of each character in the film shows the lives of children on the street of Bombay. Struggle for survival is the main problem in the film around which the entire story revolves. Poverty can be visualized by character’s struggle to search job, job situations, coercion, less payments and extensive hours of work signifies intensive struggle and life in poverty of the characters in the slums. “Slum is a dirty word” therefore whenever we think about a slum what we visualize is garbage, filth and a large number of people living there. In the chase scene, while the security guard makes his way through the narrow lane to chase the boys he is bombarded with trash, cans and other filth by the children who are on roof top. During the chase scene, a boy is also shown in the water picking up the garbage from an extremely unclean filthy

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