Cheating And The Test Of Cheating

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There is no doubt that countless students know how to cheat. Academic cheating is an undisclosed process that occurs at all schools. This is the process of gaining info or using information for use on a test without permission from the proctor of the test. The steps are simple and easy to hide from the average teacher administrating the test. Many students try their hand at cheating due to its rather lucrative outcome in terms of grades versus the ratio of time spent on the process of cheating. Moreover, if done right, cheating is a process that allows an individual to attain grades beyond their ability. Cheating on a test is a simplistic process that shows the education system is easily manipulated. Academic dishonesty is an effortless process that manipulates the education system with various tools and methods. The cheat sheet is any small piece of paper that contains relevant information for a test. Under certain circumstances, the cheat sheet is coupled with the ‘water bottle’ with cheating information written inside the circumference of the bottle labeling. These forms of cheating are like databases of precious information that help answer questions on an exam. Also, both methods are implemented in covert ways as to not attract unwanted attention during a test. Typically during a mathematics test, the TI-84 refers to the calculator widely accepted by teachers; also containing the storage technology that cheaters dream of (Scirghi). Thus, the calculator can save…

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