And Technology : The Causes Of Cheating In The Internet

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“During a test; people look up for inspiration, down in desperation, and left and right for information”~ Unknown. Students feel the pressure to succeed and to be someone in this world, causing them to feel the pressure to cheat in order to be that someone and to succeed. The increase in cheating in schools has been blamed on student’s laziness and access to technology. Although cheating has been blamed solely on student’s laziness and access to technology, students have voiced their opinion on the matter. Many students blame the amount of pressure that is put on them and the competitiveness to be the best. The online Academic Black Market is where students can sell and buy school work from others anonymously for money. The Academic Black Market has been used to support the theory that laziness is the cause of cheating, but has anyone considered why, if students are lazy, they would create an entire Black Market for school work. Research shows that the majority of students who cheat have cheated because they feel the pressure to succeed and do well. The academic pressure and the competitiveness of students can be blamed for the increase of cheating, but the laziness of a student has also been argued to be blamed for the recent spike in cheating. In recent years there has been a major increase in academic cheating in both high school and college. It is obvious that there has been a major increase in cheating over the years, however we do not have substantial proof to what

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