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The three types of leadership styles that should be used for the Denver Airport Project are transformational, directive and empowering leadership. Transformational leadership should be used because the City of Denver seemed to have high expectations and this type of leadership motivates the team to work toward the goals and do more than expected. Issuing instructions and commands that align with the goals would include the use of Directive leadership. Lastly empowering leadership should be used as it encourages independent action, opportunity thinking, teamwork, self-development, self-reward and participate in goal setting.
Similar to what our book says about transformational leadership, it can be defined as “Transformational
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He specifics standards required of his followers and exercise firm authority over them. (2)
The last type of leadership that should be used is empowering leadership. According to our text, empowering leadership includes encouraging independent action, opportunity thinking, teamwork, self-development, self-reward and participates in goal setting. They observe the team and behaviors they display. Based on these observations, they make the proper adjustments to get the work done. From my research, empowering leaders can’t rely on innate observation abilities. They need to hone their awareness to make their interpretations reliable guides for action.(3) This will be beneficial to the Denver Airport project to keep the employees engaged in what needs to get done as the project had many extensions added to get completed.
Using these recommended types of leadership styles should set the Denver Airport Project up for success. Hopefully, minimizing conflicts and providing the proper tools to overcome any obstacles along the way. The combination of these styles will provide the communication, teamwork and the completion of tasks to meet the goals of the project.
Thompson, Leigh L. Making the Team; A Guide for Managers, 4th edition. Prentice Hall, 2011 (1) Feinberg, B. J., Ostroff, C., & W, W. B. (2005). The role of within-group agreement in understanding transformational leadership. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 78, 471-488.

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