Chick Fil a - Performance Management

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Chick-fil-A – Performance Management and Key Business Factors
Performance Management is a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. It is an approach to managing people that increases the probability of achieving success. In regards to the definition, Chick-Fil-A has a consistent and calibrated performance management process. They have been focusing on how to develop enough leaders, fast enough to create healthy growth. Leadership is the main part of the company’s success formula. They have a do-it-yourself leadership development culture.
First of all they defined leadership at Chick-fil-A. They interviewed leaders within the company. After discussions they …show more content…

One of the key factors that they were not affected by recession is the ability to absorb and pollinate great ideas. They could find very useful but cost nothing ideas. They have been always trying new things and experiments. As an example, he mentions the idea of inviting the first 100 customers who come in when they opened a new store to eat at Chick-fil-A for a year. That created millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity for Chick-fil-A.
Besides that, they have a very

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