Child Abuse Is A Global Problem

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Little kids do not understand why they are abused. It is a tragedy to see kids die, injured, helpless, or hopeless because of abuse. Child abuse is a global problem in today’s society, and not many make it preventable in order to protect the victim. The ad exemplifies how an individual’s point of view can influence how they perceive child abuse by using a reflective board which changes based on the physical angle at which an individual views the sign. Through rhetorical appeals, the ANAR Foundation ad “Only for Children” argues that people will only visualize child abuse from their own perspective, rather than from the viewpoint of a victim. The ANAR (Ayuda a Niños y Adolescentes en Riesgo) Foundation gives adolescents a place to contact …show more content…

The emotional sensitivity creates the urge for children to cry out for a release from their physical and emotional pain. According to the set up of the image, only kids are able to see the bruises. Kids seem to struggle to express their need for help, due to being frighten or embarrass from the adults. To help kids from being fearful, the ANAR Foundation offers a private phone line “116-111” for children, which is set in place to help prevent further unwanted harm from the adult(s). The “Only For Children” image is a reflective piece of advertisement, because the audiences are able to see from two perspectives, a child and an adult. Looking at the ANAR advertisement, there are two different images that are being observed depending on what view the audience is looking at. At an adult point of view the image is display the paleness in the boy’s skin with a dull grey background overlapping his skin complexion. The grey background represents the sorrow and depression of his life, in which he feels that it is slowly turning into darkness. Not only does the color go into depth with his internal conflict, but also the physical details that are pictured in the ad. The quote that is observed from an adult point of view reads, “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” This message appears to be a warning for the adults due to many children not being able to call for help on their own. The image demonstrates the ideas of

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