Child Labour

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<center><b>Our Efforts and Experiences – Part - I</b></center>
<br>"In all the civilized societies all over the world system of child labour is condemned as a social evil but the fact is the system is prevelent on a large scale in a country like India. It is noticed that, in recent times our society is showing some signs of awareness about this social evil. This is the first part of the article giving details about the efforts undertaken in and around Ahmedpur for eradication of this system.
<br>Since past 12 years I am working on various issues related to rural areas through People's Institute of Rural Development and Rachanatmac Sangharsha Samiti (Maharashtra). To generate employment for farm labour through "employment
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And due this reason they work as Child Labour. This programme will enable them to learn 3 Rs. And may be make them capable to appear for Std II or Std VII examinations. They may be become a part of main streme education.
<br>In a period of three years 20 education centres were of ended in 20 villages. Around 600 to 800 children were enrolled in these centres. Selected children were prepared for Std IV examination. They were motivated and supported in this venture. In the period 1992-93 --- 1994-95 183 children appeared for Std IV examination. Out of which 122 passed the same and from those who passed 68% were girls. Along with those who appeared for examination, 139 other children joined the main streme of education this is our achievement. It could be possible due to purposeful effort.
<br><b>a) Village level programme:</b>
<br><b>A:1 100% enrollment in schools.</b>
<br>In all the 20 villages a list of children in the age group 5½ to 7 is prepared every year. The purpose is, they should be enrolled in schools. Non-formal education centre co-ordinator and village education committee fully participate in this endearour.
<br><b>A:2 Controlling dropout rate from primary schools.</b>
<br>Due to various reasons children enrolled in primary school leave the
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